Insurance Assistance

In addition to providing comprehensive healthcare, CMWC aims to ensure all eligible patients are enrolled into the appropriate and proper insurance plan. Available insurance options include a range of public plans and managed care programs. The primary role of our benefits counselors, who are located at each health centers, is to simplify the very complex world of insurance products by leading our patients through the enrollment process step-by-step.

We have a certified team available to help you understand your options and enroll in insurance to get medical coverage

This team is trained to screen every patient who walks through our doors. Patients who are eligible are immediately enrolled in the appropriate public health insurance or third party payer program, and benefits counselors monitor the status of each application. This process ensures that individuals and families, who were previously unaware of their insurance options, get the medical coverage and continuity they need.

CMWC is a Certified Covered California Enrollment Entity. We have fully certified counselors onsite and ready to enroll patients for insurance regardless of income.

Come or call to enroll in Covered California today!