Mission from CEO

As the CEO of your community health center, I stand with a team dedicated to the CMWC mission and vision of serving to improve the community. I’m tremendously grateful for the achievements of our current employees. They have created an unparalleled and compassionate environment for healing and progress. Through their dedication, they are ensuring our ability to adapt successfully to the inevitable changes and growth that lie ahead.

Despite the challenges of a changing healthcare delivery system, Community Medical Wellness Centers USA is moving forward with transformations that reflect the dynamic world of health care and meet the growing needs of our communities. We have demonstrated the ability to overcome barriers, improve access to care and continue to offer services that better the lives of those who come through our doors.

Our goal is to provide high quality, comprehensive and affordable healthcare in a safe environment to all individuals. Community Medical Wellness Centers USA strives to recruit the best medical, dental, and behavioral health providers available while supporting them with qualified, culturally competent, compassionate staff. We believe the personal relationship between a patient and doctor is the key to quality health and dental care and it is our goal to treat all patients with exceptional care and respect.

We appreciate every opportunity to take care of you, your family and your community. On behalf of our Governing Board of Directors, Volunteers and Staff we say thank you and commit to continued excellence to ensure the growth of a healthy community.

Andy Piskoulian, RM, CNPR