The Power of Giving

People who volunteer as little as 100 hours a year are less likely to develop high blood pressure. People who volunteer regularly have healthier hearts, less ongoing pain, and stronger immune systems. They battle addiction better and are less likely to get dementia with age. If you’re a student or adult in the workforce, looking to advance in your current job or find a new one, the skills and knowledge you acquire as a volunteer strengthen your resume and make you more attractive to potential employers, no matter your field. Volunteering is also an easy, natural way to broaden your network. (Source ‘The University Of Tennessee Medical Center’).

Volunteer Expectations

• Successfully complete all volunteer requirements and paperwork
• Provide proof of any applicable licenses
• Treat all patients, volunteers, and staff with dignity, respect and courtesy
• Observe patient confidentiality per HIPAA guidelines
• Attend required training sessions and meetings
• Respect the policies, rules, and regulations of Community Medical Wellness Centers, USA.
• Understand that volunteer services are performed without compensation.